Vote ‘yes’ on Amendment 66, bag ordinance

This letter is partially in response to the letter from Lisa Brohm (Herald, Oct. 14). As a young person in our community, I feel very strongly about these issues because they will be affecting my generation more than any other, especially Brohm’s. Amendment 66 will provide our state’s public schools with the funding we desperately need. I challenge Brohm to try and spend a day in one of the classrooms in our public schools.

The reality that I’ve had to live with, along with thousands of other students across the city and across our state, is one that includes a huge lack of adequate teacher support and budgets that don’t cover everything students need for success. To say that we’re “wasting billions” on education is an outright insult to me and to all my peers. Is my future a “waste?” Is it a “waste” to provide better support for children who require special education? I sure hope not. That allegation is selfishness if I have ever seen it.

Durango’s bag fee ordinance (which is not a ban or a tax – even the county clerk agrees) would protect the beauty of Durango and our world for my generation and for generations following mine. To say that there is no evidence that the fee would have no positive effect is drastically out of line. In other cities where a similar fee has been implemented, they have seen an 80 to 90 percent decrease in the use of disposable checkout bags in the first year.

Think about the 7.2 million bags that are used in Durango! It’s not a way for the city to add to its bottom line since it is not a tax, and the fee would solely go toward education and to provide free reusable bags to any Durangoan who wants one. The predictions that there will be lawsuits, spread of disease, long lines and loss of tourism are simply scare tactics. Yes on Amendment 66 and the Durango bag ordinance.

William Henry Searfus


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