Bag fee is out-of-control power play

When is the city of Durango going to stop making nonsense laws that negatively affect everyone financially in one way or the other?

Charging for plastic and/or paper bags crosses the line. Thievery is a crime. Store managers have confirmed the fact the cost of all bags already is figured into the cost of the products we pay for. Forcing payment of the bags is a double payment, which is illegal.

There is no documented proof that plastic bags do not dissolve in land fills and are discarded in unimaginable places throughout the world.

My family recently returned from a 3,000-mile RV trip to the West Coast. We traveled through different-sized towns (where we could buy our goods and were supplied plastic bags), and drove on various types of roads and superhighways. We made a game of keeping track of the plastic bags “at large.” Final count: less than a dozen.

Stop the dishonest threatening tactics surrounding the “monster plastic bag” lies. The only threat here is to test “we the sheep” to see if we will fall in line with another out-of-control power play by the city officials.

Vote to drop the bag fee.

Len McDermitt


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