Bag fee a significant step toward change

This is my 2 cents regarding doing away with disposable bags at grocery stores:

First, our family has been bringing our own durable bags to the grocery store for decades. When not in use, they fold up neatly on one coat hook by the door. Or my wife, who shops often, keeps a set in her car. This is every bit as convenient as bringing home disposable bags and then having to throw them away.

Secondly, most of us are engaged in improving our lives in one form or another, whether it be improving skills at work, building a business or working on personal habits. Anyone who is successful can tell you that it is the small steps in the right direction that make all the difference. So while banning bags might seem inconsequential, it actually is a significant step that begins to change the way we think. This little turn certainly will lead to wiser practices concerning our environment.

Something new always is met with resistance, but talk to successful entrepreneurs, and they will tell you that the ability to change is crucial to success. Let’s start with the bag ban.

Joel Schiavone


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