Health exchanges offer better-priced plans

I read with amusement the jaded letter from Doug Savage (Herald, Oct. 11). Clearly, he was never in favor of affordable health care, and therefore one has to wonder if his search on the website was done properly/ethically or if the information he input was valid or colored to elicit a desired “doomsday” outcome. It would, of course, benefit those against affordable health care to flood the website, cause traffic jams and attempt to scare the public into thinking affordable health care wasn’t all that affordable.

I decided to wait until after the flood of initial onlookers checked out the site. As someone with a valid need for better, more affordable health-care coverage, I was beyond pleased. At first, I will admit, when I got the letter from my insurance company that I would have to seek other insurance because my policy didn’t meet the new laws, I was annoyed. But the letter added that I would end up with better insurance at a more affordable price.

I went to the website. I figured out the filters and put in my premium range as well as deductible range. I then was shown about five different plans to choose from. The deductibles were the same as my current plan, but the premiums were about $100 a month less than what I currently pay. I’m looking to save anywhere between $1,000 and $1,500 depending on which plan I choose. If I’m comfortable with a higher deductible, I could save even more.

I suggest that anyone who is eligible check out the site in another couple weeks after the bugs are worked out. Ask your fellow Americans who don’t need affordable health care to back off the site so those of us who do can sign up without their attempts to derail the program.

Joanne Graves


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