Defeat tax and push for effective recycling

Single use plastic bags are not the problem. The problem is the city of Durango. These bags are made of HDPE2 which is recyclable into products such as plastic lumber used in deck construction. It would be far better for the environment to recycle these bags rather than tax them. How about the city taking care of that? I live in the county, so now I have to pay to recycle my newspapers. Thirty years ago, I could take bundled newspapers to the old dump road on Saturdays where Virginia Repert had a semitrailer and she would pay me 1.25 cents per pound for them. How are we making progress? The proponents of this tax talk about the gazillions of bags littering the landscape. Every workday, I drive 80 miles in the county and guess what? I see very few bags out there. The supposed great Pacific garbage island cannot be seen by satellite imagery even though it is supposed to be bigger than Texas. Defeat this ill-advised measure and push for meaningful and effective recycling.

Eric Sibelius