How about just voting for bag fee?

It’s so easy – just take a reusable bag to the store. Keep some clean cloth bags in your car (they’re washable). When I lived in Scotland 30 years ago, no self-respecting Scot would go to a store without their bag or basket for anything purchased. If they did, they knew they were going to pay for the bag, since that’s how all merchants handled it. And no Scot was going to pay for something that was going to become unnecessary waste.

Since we have vastly overpopulated the Earth with ourselves and our stuff, how is it that we can’t bring ourselves to do such a simple thing? In the United States especially, we are victims of comfort, convenience and unconscious laziness. Now our environment (which we have to remind ourselves includes us) is suffering the consequences. Since we’re so fond of sound bites and like to pride ourselves on results, how about just voting for the grocery-bag fee as a reminder: Why keep paying this price for environmental destruction? Take a reusable bag to the store. Just do it!

Carol Shepard