Put a cap on City Council’s green agenda

The Herald has been printing some false facts not found in the bag fee ordinance. First, there is not a $1 limit on the amount you can be charged. Second, nowhere does it say the city will furnish free reuseable bags. Third, yes 800 people did sign the petition, but only about 200 are registered city voters; others come from out of the state and even the country. This Bag It! campaign is nothing more than green, politically correct thinkers trying to force all of us to do it their way. I have said from the start: Educate, don’t regulate.

I attended the (only one) task force meeting on this issue and it was made clear at that meeting, and at the recent “Eggs and Issues” meeting, that this is only the beginning. Believe me, plastic water bottles are next, after they force all retailers to submit to this ordinance, Sweetie Marbury herself said they should do this for a year to give residents time to get use to it and then move on to all retailers. Christina Rinderle has voiced her displeasure with plastic water bottles, and Dick White wants “zero waste.”

Who knows what all that will entail. I guess you would have to ask San Juan Citizens Alliance and SASCO. When will they finally want to take something you use and we who would fight for your civil liberties now will no longer be here to support you? Stand up for your right to freely choose. It’s time to put a cap on City Council and the Herald in pushing council’s “green” agenda and vote against this ordinance.

Deborah Marquart


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