Get informed and support bag ordinance

I became involved with the Bag It! campaign – the many people who are for keeping the ordinance – for several reasons. 1) I am among those who are, as the Herald identifies one of the two camps, “green and progressive” and support the ordinance as an easy way to encourage reducing our use of disposable goods. 2) I believe in people being informed before making decisions. 3) I believe in letting do their job those we elected to office by a majority vote. 4) I believe in personal and community responsibility.

During the last two years, the ordinance has evolved and come to the public in bits and spurts. It has not been easy to keep up. The Herald editorials and reporting have consistently advanced opinion, not facts, and been misleading or wrong. The city, not having information available on its website until last month, also has done the public a disservice. And most recently, the anti-camp unleashed a fear-mongering campaign based on more misinformation and outright lies.

I believe that our community is sadly being overtaken by the same loud and angry rhetoric we hear at the state and national level about individual rights, freedom and government intrusion in our lives, advanced by a well-funded minority interest. The two Colorado recalls come to mind, and we must push back. This is not the Durango I know and love.

A Herald editorial on the issue cited the “against” camp as opposing the ordinance believing it “a limitation of individual choice” (Oct. 14). The ordinance in its final form is a compromise policy crafted expressly to retain consumer choice and encourage personal responsibility. Since when did freedom come without responsibility?

The only thing extreme about this well-written compromise policy is the opposition’s reaction to it. Read it at or Then look your child or grandchild in the eye and tell them you cannot manage to change your personal habits because your individual right to waste is more important than their future on a planet of finite resources. Please get informed and vote for the ordinance.

Ellen Stein


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