Three simple reasons to support bag fee

For those of you who are wrestling with the significance of the campaign to charge for plastic bags, let me offer my simplistic viewpoint. 1) Plastic bags are a poor single use of petroleum. 2) Plastic bags and many plastic products contain BPA and phthalates. Biologists studying BPA and phthalates are in agreement about the harmful effects of both chemicals. They are now proven to be toxic, endocrine-disrupting, hormone level-changing and disease-causing. 3) Plastic bags and products are filling our landfill sites (leaching toxic chemicals into ground water), washing into our rivers and, therefore, into our oceans and wreaking havoc on marine life.

These three points are enough for me to rethink the logic around the use of plastics in our world. In cities that have charged for plastic bags, they have seen reduction of bag use by up to 90 percent. Please weigh this initiative outside the political realm and ask yourself if this just represents common sense.

Bill Stewart


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