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The race for Bayfield School District 10-JT Board of Education is populated with candidates who are universally committed to educating the community’s children and to volunteering their energy to that endeavor. For that alone, Bayfield students, teachers, parents and administrators have a valuable resource in invested residents. Among the seven candidates vying for three seats – one for a two-year term, and two for four-year terms – there is a trove of dedication and interest in supporting and improving the district’s educational offerings. All seven deserve the community’s thanks for stepping up.

Those best qualified to do that work are Timothy Stumpf, Koel Phelps and Carol Blatnick.

Stumpf is the sole incumbent on the November ballot and is running for one of two four-year seats. He was appointed in December to fill a vacancy on the board and was involved in crafting the district’s strategic plan. He is committed to ensuring that the district provides all its students the best education possible and sees some areas that it can improve – namely the high school’s career and technical education, as well as in general communication from the district. Stumpf considers the strategic plan an excellent road map for those and other goals for the district. His participation in crafting that plan, as well as his familiarity with the district’s processes and policy priorities – including its adoption of new curricula and evaluation procedures as mandated by new state rules – make Stumpf a valuable asset to the Bayfield School District. He should be elected to serve a full four-year term.

Phelps, also vying for a four-year term, has operated a day care in Bayfield for 13 years. In that role, she has considerable contact with Bayfield schools’ constituency – future and current – and is seeking to support those students, their teachers and the district as a whole through board service. She is particularly concerned about keeping the most effective teachers in Bayfield and ensuring that there are adequate resources available for ensuring their success in improving student achievement and closing the district’s gaps.

Phelps is committed to ensuring that basic needs are met for the district’s students – including nutrition and safety – so that they can be successful in their educational endeavors. She values open communication between the board and district staff and parents and sees the board’s role as one of support for all the district’s constituents – parents, students, teachers, principals and administration. Phelps’ energy and commitment to the district’s success would serve each of these groups well.

Blatnick is running for a two-year term, and as a teacher at Bayfield High School for 22 years prior to becoming director of the Bayfield Early Education Programs 13 years ago, she is eminently qualified to make informed decisions about education in Bayfield. As with Stumpf, Blatnick would like to see improved communication from the district as well as ensure that the district sees a smooth transition as it adopts new standards and evaluation procedures. Her background as a teacher and an administrator prepare Blatnick well for that role.

Blatnick is also committed to supporting career and technical education, ensuring that students are gaining skills as well as performing well on tests, and providing the resources needed to improve classroom management. She will be an asset to the board.

For Bayfield School District 10-JT Board of Education, vote for Timothy Stumpf, Koel Phelps and Carol Blatnick.

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