Election recap

District 9-R Board of Education

Durango School District 9-R is fortunate to have drawn a fine field of candidates for its school board. But elections require voters to choose, and in this race, they can craft a diverse and well-functioning board with Stephanie Moran, Andy Burns, Nancy Stubbs, Erica Max and Mick Souder.

Moran has served on the 9-R board for 18 months, but her involvement in Durango education extends more than a decade. Her expertise and commitment should serve 9-R well.

The school board’s vice president, Burns is the only candidate with four years’ experience serving 9-R. He is well-positioned to assume the board’s presidency.

Stubbs is running unopposed, but her qualifications and perspective warrant mention.

Max’s leadership spawned a successful campaign to pass the $3.2 million bond issue in 2010. That is reflective of the energy Max commits to her endeavors.

With experience as both a teacher and an information systems professional, Souder understands the need for students to demonstrate their mastery of a concept, not just their knowledge of it. He is a clear communicator invested in supporting 9-R.

Bayfield School District Board of Directors

The race for Bayfield School District 10-JT Board of Education is populated with candidates committed to educating the community’s children. All deserve the community’s thanks, but the best qualified are Timothy Stumpf, Koel Phelps and Carol Blatnick.

Stumpf is the sole incumbent. His participation in crafting the district’s strategic plan, and familiarity with the district’s processes and policy priorities make Stumpf a valuable asset to the Bayfield School District.

Phelps has operated a day care in Bayfield for 13 years. In that role, she has had considerable contact with Bayfield schools’ constituency and is seeking to support those students, their teachers and the district through board service.

As a Bayfield High School teacher for 22 years before becoming director of the Bayfield Early Education Programs 13 years ago, Blatnick is eminently qualified to make informed decisions about education in Bayfield.

For Bayfield School District 10-JT Board of Education, vote for Timothy Stumpf, Koel Phelps and Carol Blatnick.

‘Yes’ on Amendment 66

School funding across Colorado will be much improved by the passage of Amendment 66. The money, about $1 billion, will return Colo­rado’s public school funding to about what it was before the recession.

‘Yes’ to Proposition AA

The idea all along has been to treat marijuana like alcohol – legalize it, regulate it and tax it.

‘Yes’ to the Durango’s Ballot Question 2A

Durango voters have a chance to fix a mess and ensure continued fire protection and emergency services. The idea is for the city to withdraw from Durango Fire & Rescue Authority and then contract with it for fire and rescue services for 15 years. It means predictable costs for the city and dependable revenue for the district with no tax increase.

Bag fee: Vote in favor of repeal

The bag fee enacted by the City Council is a symbolic gesture that will be a constant reminder of legislative meddling. It should be repealed.

“Yes” on District 9-R Ballot Question 3A

Too many members of the Durango School District 9-R Board of Education have been unable to fulfill their commitment to serve, leaving those remaining to find replacements and get them caught up on issues. This proposal would cut the board from seven members to five in the interest of cohesion and effectiveness

‘Yes’ to 4A Upper Pine River Fire tax

Fire protection and emergency services cost money and sometimes their funding mechanisms have to be adjusted. With money from Ballot Question 4A, the district plans to improve service, boost pay for firefighters and restore staffing to fire stations.

‘Yes’ on fire district Referred Issue 4B

Voters in the old Hermosa Cliff and Animas fire protection districts have the opportunity to end years of costly and redundant management at no cost. This will unify the Animas and Hermosa Cliff districts under the already existing Durango Fire Protection District, enact a uniform mill levy and dispense with the boards, taxes and other trappings of the old districts. The city of Durango would then contract with DFPD for emergency services. No taxpayers will pay more, while everyone will see greater efficiencies.

‘Yes’ to Pine River Cemetery

Referred Issue 5D would increase property taxes in the Pine River Cemetery district to cover the cost of maintaining and operating the cemetery. Without 5D, spending on the cemetery will be about half what it was just four years ago. With it, the owner of a home worth $250,000 would pay an additional $1.50 per year.

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