Social Security is not an entitlement

It is amazing that the Republican House continually refers to Social Security as an entitlement. It is no more an entitlement than a paycheck is. It is our (my) money being held in trust by the government and then doled out in small increments at retirement age. You and I and our employer pay about 15 percent annually to Social Security. If you make $30,000 per year that comes to $220,000 over a typical working lifetime. At 5 percent simple interest that would grow to $893,000. If you took only 3 percent per year that would give you $26,000 a year from age 65 to 95. What about the people who never see 95? Oh, the government keeps the change. What about the people who never reach retirement? Oh that is not calculated into the government figures. The politicians have found a way to take the Social Security money being held in trust for you and me and pay other bills, continually stacking up the IOUs. Now the scheme is to convince us it is all entitlements and not our money – a clever and illegal way of not paying back what they owe. Oh, I almost forgot, they make the laws.

Ron Sutcliffe

Pagosa Springs

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