Obama did not lead, he bullied and lied

This is victory? Obama has successfully bullied his way into spending more money than we earn and getting Obamacare to be the law of the land. He declared that he wouldn’t work with anyone who disagreed with him, and he didn’t. Is this leadership? What happened to working together? Kudos to Rep. Scott Tipton for trying to stop the spending spree – at least he is thinking about the long term affects of spending recklessly. No household could sustain this kind of debt, and neither can a nation. Now we look like a laughing stock to the rest of the world. Is this leadership? Please, won’t someone in Washington use some common sense, and try to balance the budget?

Obama lied. He said that we would be able to keep our health insurance if we wanted to. My daughter is being kicked off her insurance and forced into the health exchanges. She cannot keep her policy because of Obamacare. I understand the premiums might double. She can barely afford the policy she has. Is this really the best way? They can’t even get the program to work right now. Do you want the government to run this? Do you want the IRS to be in charge of your health care? I cannot trust people who lie to me to protect their own interests. It might be a little painful to cut some spending. I would love to go out to dinner every night. We have many fine restaurants in Durango, but alas, I have a budget and cannot indulge that often. It makes the few times I do go out all the more sweet. Won’t someone in Congress have the courage to stop kicking the can down the street and cut the spending?

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