Transit cuts will affect low-income people

As a person, and as director of a local nonprofit serving the low-income work-force population of our community, I am very disappointed with the city manager’s proposal to cut transit services on Saturdays, cancel the Buzz Bus and, particularly, the plan to double the monthly cost of the transit pass. These services are essential to the low-income people working in local businesses as well as vitally important for folks with disabilities. Additionally, cutting the Buzz Bus is guaranteed to increase DUIs, dangerous driving and is just a bad idea.

As an administrator, I understand fiscal responsibility, but I do not understand sacrificing services that are useful to many people so that only two people can have a job. City councilors should be more concerned about this proposal and consider the effects it has on morale of the community as well as the economic effects. The Durango Herald editorial (Oct. 13) makes some good points, too, about the amount of power and influence the city manager has even though he is not an elected official. Who checks and balances the person checking and balancing?

Nicole Mosher


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