In UC names use a comma, not an ‘at’

I often read with amusement the comments regarding the various ballot issues. I chuckle at the seriousness with which many writers engage on the topics recently gracing the Opinion section of the Herald. One matter, however, has got my feathers all in a tussle.

In a story about funding the Discovery Museum here in Durango (Herald, Oct. 30), the writer noted a supporting grant from the “University of California at Berkeley.” I would like to correct the writer and anyone else who may be of the same thought.

There is no such thing as a campus of the University of California officially named the University of California “at” any location. The campuses are “divisions” of the university. The appropriate title for the Berkeley Division is “University of California (comma) Berkeley.” To illustrate this point, the piece of paper the Regents of the University of California gave me (the very same I often wish to return!) reads, “The Regents of the University of California on the nomination of the Graduate Council of the Irvine Division have conferred upon ... ” On many occasions I have used UC letterhead, and nowhere does it state “at” any campus, but simply lists the various divisions.

New out-of-state students often are quickly disabused of this very notion; not unlike how new Durangoans are enlightened about the proper pronunciation of Flo-ree-DUH Road and river. I knew there had to be a good reason to keep that piece of paper.

Julie C. Abril


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