Voters showed too little support for teachers

It is deeply troubling that a large percentage of voters chose not to support our public schools by voting against Amendment 66.

The teachers in our public schools are the true heroes of our community, and they deserve so much more from us. They spend their days (and many evenings and weekends) working to educate our young people and to provide them a safe and supportive environment where they can thrive.

They do this while weathering continuous budget cuts that leave them struggling to provide the very best education to each and every child in their classroom, with fewer and fewer resources. Their passion and commitment to our kids is truly humbling, and they should hold a much more honored place in our society. There are only a few states in the country that provide less support to their public schools, yet this is where our youth – the future of our state – spend their days learning and preparing to be the citizens of the next generation.

To all public school teachers and officials – thank you for your service and dedication to our children, and I hope that we as a society will someday soon recognize what you do for our nation and provide the support you need and deserve.

Amy Benson


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