Buy kids educational, American-made toys

On the front page of the Nov. 8 issue of the Herald was a story, “Youngsters to sell toys as benefit for local soup kitchen.” While the ultimate goal was to use proceeds for backpacks for needy children, the vehicle to accomplish the task bothered me. Farther on in the story, the Herald did point out that even though the project’s purpose is for a charitable purpose, “many children are being battered by adult-managed capitalism.”

Which brings me to my question: Why do parents cave in and buy so many cheap (mostly plastic, but not cheap in price) toys for children in the first place? What happened to boundaries and limitations?

It seems that parents are encouraging children to grow up thinking they are entitled to every piece of garbage that is being hawked in store and television ads. “I want it, and I want it now” is the battle cry. So what if it soon lays abandoned on the living-room floor and is disposed of later to make room for new junk?

Parents should set boundaries, rules and limitations while encouraging good values. Teach kids the difference between needs and wants. Overindulging children does not teach them restraint.

When you are shopping for birthday or holiday gifts, invest in books, educational toys and items made in America, not the Far East. You will be helping your children and our country. Too many parents just aren’t doing their job.

While I hopefully have your attention, a final note: It is no wonder that today’s schoolteachers have an even harder job than they would’ve had 25 or more years ago. Sorry, parents, but if you choose to have children, you need to do your job in the first place and not foist responsibility onto our schoolteachers. They already have more than enough on their plate.

Anita Hermosillo


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