DYSA is turning out USA talent

40 local soccer members selected to Olympic development programs

The future of soccer in Durango looks bright.

Forty members of the Durango Youth Soccer Association were selected for the New Mexico Youth Soccer Association 2013-14 Olympic Development Program and Young Olympians Program.

The ODP is intended to compliment training at the club level and give opportunities at the U.S. Youth Soccer Region IV level and beyond, while the YOP serves as an introduction to the ODP.

Eighteen girls and 22 boys that played on teams ranging from U11 to U16 were selected.

Everett Furnass and Levi Larson will join the 2003 YOP boys, while Jax Bayer, Leland Heinicke, Harry Lesage, Andrew Saddler, Logan Stetler and Austin Swan were selected for the 2002 YOP boys.

Jacke Beattie, Logan Fullington and Adison Lyman made the 2001 ODP boys.

Ren Beasley, Saylor Longfello, Steven Sigillito, Emmett Stottlemyer and Max Wilson were picked for the 2000 ODP boys.

Keiran Brook, Dillon Hufnagel, Elijah Fenton, Davis Furnas III, Grant Pierce and Luke Stetler will join the 1999 ODP boys.

Kyla Tucker was selected for the 2003 YOP girls, while Emma Grace Fitzgerald, Jael Larson, Amanda Pierce, Saylor Stottlemyer and Aspen Watt were picked for the 2002 YOP girls.

McKenzy Howerton, Lucy Hickcox, Ellie Smith and Sarah Vierling will represent Durango for the 2001 ODP girls.

Emma Aggeler and Jenna Beckley made the 2000 ODP girls pool, while Tatum Behn, Taylor Klone and Lydia Larson qualified for the 1999 ODP girls.

Katie Milliet, Lauran Morrissey and Madeline Robertson wrapped up the selections on the 1998 ODP girls roster.

These selections give team members the chance to play against the best players in their age group, instruction from nationally licensed coaches and exposure to college coaches.