Remember: Good access is good business

In response to the man from Las Vegas who is upset about the county closing the accessible cabins at Five Branches RV Park at Vallecito (Letters, Herald, Nov. 10), we at Southwest Center for Independence agree that all businesses need to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We do not believe, however, that advocating that the county waive safety requirements so that people can be accommodated does a service to people with disabilities or anyone else.

The ADA has been the law since 1990, and it’s time businesses started complying and the government started enforcing the law. Many local business owners seem to be under the impression that their businesses are exempt from the law because the buildings have historical significance.

Where the ADA says there can be exemptions for historical sites, they are talking about Thomas Jefferson’s home, not a brothel in Durango or a quaint motel in the mountains. Even Monticello has to have an accessible route into the building and one accessible bathroom. Good access is good business.

Martha Mason, Southwest Center for Independence


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