Pay attention only to your own traffic light

I knew there were people saying the lights on Camino del Rio should turn red in both directions at the same time, but I didn’t know why. Then I read the Nov. 21 Herald.

There are people like the woman who was sitting at the intersection near the mall waiting to turn left. She noticed that the light for the lane next to her was changing so she assumed the oncoming traffic was also getting a red light. She decided to turn left, honking at other cars in her way. As she got across the intersection, she could see that the oncoming traffic had a green light. She never mentioned what color light she had. It’s the light in the next lane that turned yellow. It sounds like she didn’t pay as much attention to her own light as the lights for the other drivers. Because drivers next to her had a light turning red, she assumed oncoming cars were also getting a red light. Now, this is scary to realize there are drivers who look at other people’s lights and assume they know the color of the light for oncoming cars.

People, listen! Traffic lights are not a guessing game! The only light you need to pay attention to is your own. That one light will tell you if anyone else has the right of way in the intersection. It is pathetic that we have to show pictures on the front page of the paper indicating what each color of traffic light means. If you want to turn left, a green arrow is the only indication that the oncoming traffic is getting a red light. Don’t look at anyone else’s light making assumptions. Just look at your own.

Anyone who looks at the traffic light for the next lane and assumes he or she knows the color of light for oncoming traffic needs to bring his or her driver’s license into the police department. Tell the officer behind the counter that you are just too stupid to drive on a road with other drivers. If these people could do this, I think it would be years before we would have another serious accident on Camino del Rio.

Dave Norman


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