Energy measures frightening, unnecessary

The U.S. House’s enthusiastic embrace of Reps. Tipton and Lamborn’s energy measures made Wednesday a frightening, sad and unnecessary day for Colorado’s energy future.

I call it frightening because this bill would not only automatically approve drilling leases after 60 days, but it also would demand $5,000 from any group wanting to protest a lease.

I call it sad because drilling already threatens some of Colorado’s most beloved and beautiful places, such as Mesa Verde National Park.

Finally, I call it unnecessary because it’s just that: To call for a hasty and broad expansion of drilling is to ignore the clean, renewable resources that we have in abundance in Colorado. Colorado is known for its sunshine, but we get less than 1 percent of our energy from solar power.

Both Tipton’s and Lamborn’s proposed pieces of legislation are called “energy” measures, not “drilling” measures – if energy is what they care about, then I’d like to see them take a big step forward in developing the cleanest, most abundant source of energy we have in Colorado: the sun.

Margaret McCall


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