Herald, columnist united in blaming Jews

It seems that Thomas Friedman, a New York Times columnist, the Herald’s editorial staff members and conspiracy-crackpot letter writers have one belief in common: Those damned Jews control the U.S. government and are leading us to war with Iran. I can dismiss the letter writers as nut jobs, but Friedman’s devoid-of-facts column (Herald, Nov. 21) goes over the line in blaming this so-called Israeli/Jewish lobby for Obama’s incompetent failed foreign policies. The editorial staff members are responsible for what it prints, so I hold it accountable, too.

It is well-known that Friedman is the direct mouthpiece for this administration. Any critic of President Barack Obama is attacked and delegitimized as a warmonger. If you don’t go along with Obama, then according to Friedman, you are bought by the “nefarious” Jewish lobby. Reality of the Iranian situation be damned.

Even France – no friend to Israel – objects to Obama’s plan. Friedman wants Israel, which sees a president that can’t even implement his own health-care program and is incompetent in world affairs, to trust Obama. Trust an Iran that continually shows anti-Semitic programs on its state television and calls for the annihilation of the “Zionist entity.” He states that Iran has “lied and cheated” to get where it is today with its nuclear program, but because he thinks nothing bad will happen with Obama’s plan, Congress should automatically go along with Friedman’s failed track record, not what logic dictates.

To Friedman, how can any thinking congressman possibly believe that giving concessions to Iran is a bad deal? So to him, it must be the Jewish money that corrupts their mindset.

My mother fled Lithuania in the 1930s because of irrational hate toward Jews. The Herald decides to run a column about Jewish “control” over our legislators without one fact to back it up. That kind of irresponsible journalism proves to those with irrational hate in their heart that they’re correct. Thanks, Herald.

In conclusion, the Obama pact with Khamenei differs from the Munich Agreement signed by Chamberlain and Hitler on Sept. 29, 1938, in one way: Israel, unlike Czechoslovakia, will not allow itself to be annihilated by incompetence.

Shelly Perlmutter


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