Comments reveal mean-spirited ideologue

In the Herald’s front-page “Many kinds of thanks” story (Nov. 29), a woman at Wagon Wheel Liquors with an “Obama 2008” bumper sticker, “said she’d purchased a six-pack ... and Camel Lights.” She claimed “she’d quit smoking 10 years ago, and her relapse would be short-lived and strategic. ‘I’m going to dinner at my uncle’s house. I love him to death, but he’s a tea party, Ted Cruz-nut-job Republican. So you know, don’t judge me,’ she said, fumbling for her lighter.”

I am judging her. First: It is stupid to smoke for any reason after 10 years. She is a perfect example of a mean-spirited, name-calling, unappreciative ideologue. Most people like her know little accurate political information or U.S. history, or are brainwashed to believe what they know is false, nonfactual and based on propaganda.

Is that why she has to demean others? Her uncle seems a kind person, including her for dinner. If he does not know how horrible she believes he is, he probably will after reading the story. How forgiving will he be? I do not want anyone like her to love me to death. How can people be so nasty?

Carol LeBlanc


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