Try to consider the tradeoffs of Obamacare

I read with interest Chip Tuthill’s op-ed about Obamacare and how he had such a good outcome (Herald, Dec. 1). He was in a lower-income bracket, thus eligible for assistance with his premiums. My results are mixed. In the end, the bad news is: My premiums will be going up at least $250 (I am not eligible for any financial contribution from the government), my deductible will be staying the same, and I have to leave the insurer I currently have (Cover Colorado), as it will no longer exist. The good news is, if I get sick, my coverage should not get canceled, there will be no lifetime limits, I will now get to have an HSA, which was not previously available to me, and I know I will be able to get insurance since pre-existing conditions are now covered. The fact that my premiums are going up a few hundred dollars or so is not great, but my insurance went up a few hundred dollars every calendar year anyway – or my deductible kept going up.

In the end, it’s about the tradeoffs. Is it worth it? Absolutely! My understanding is profits of health-insurance companies will now be limited, and for me, the peace of mind is worth at least something to know that if I get sick, I will not have to declare bankruptcy or lose my house. It’s important to look at the bigger picture rather than just what premiums cost. Personally, I would have preferred a “public option,” but with no cooperation whatsoever from the Republicans, this is what we got.

Hopefully, we can make it better.

Julie C. Meadows


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