Climate change skeptics personally attacked

It’s often been said that when one’s arguments are weak or the debate is being lost, there is a reversion to ad hominem personal attacks. We’re seeing this more and more in the climate change debate. Because I deny – I’m not a skeptic, I’m a denier – the assertion that man is causing climate change by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, I have been called “abysmally ignorant” and racist, to boot. Now, it’s happened to frequent letter-writer Mike Sigman.

Rick VanWagenen personally attacked Mike Sigman (Letters, Herald, Nov. 15) with an accusation that Sigman’s facts are dreamed up. VanWagenen actually put it much more crudely with an allusion to Sigman’s facts coming from a place where the sun doesn’t shine. Now, where might that be? Further, he criticizes Sigman – “all without a reference to where his numbers came from.”

Then Sigman was attacked by Linda Tikalsky: “I suggest Sigman check the veracity of his sources,” (Letters, Herald, Nov. 14).

It’s difficult for people like Sigman and myself to cite the many sources of skeptical information since the Herald allows us only 350 words once a month, but I’ll provide some websites that can provide lots of threads:,, and

VanWagenen cites the National Academy of Sciences as a reliable source of climate information – to which I say, baloney. It is unfortunate agencies like NAS, NASA, the National Institutes of Health and others cannot be relied on for honesty in this debate, but that is the reality. They are dependent on funding that, in turn, is dependent upon them being climate change alarmists. There is no government funding for those skeptical of climate change as that does not fit the political agenda.

The language also affects the debate, and NOAA and NASA are now saying that 2013 will be one of the warmest years on record and will be the ninth warmest of the last 15. Well, if it’s the ninth warmest of the last 15 years, doesn’t that also make it the sixth coolest? More next month.

George Thompson


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