Republicans keep moving scale to new lows

Why is it that every time you think the Republicans have reached the bottom of the sleazebag-o-meter, they somehow manage to lower the scale?

First, they gut the Affordable Care Act, making it the watered-down law that it is by refusing the government option, removing any real competition; then whined that insurance companies have found another way to rip us off by raising health-care premiums; then claimed they had no part in negotiations. They shut down the government at a cost of $20 billion-plus, following Ted Cruz down the anti-ACA path until they got nothing in return.

The tea party hijacked the House, broke all the rules and abused established processes. They spent an ungodly amount of time on completely meaningless bills that had no chance of passing the Senate, trying to appease the ultraconservative gang. Their actions were no different than stealing your car, then becoming indignant that you don’t want to buy it back one piece at a time. I don’t really want the poorest, least-educated and least-healthy states in the union driving the bus.

If the tea party thinks they have it right, they should be their own party and run, rather than further pollute the Republican agenda. Their use of gun money to recall elected state representatives to gain seats is repugnant. Recalls are not for when you disagree with a vote or position. Now they all whine about the president using executive actions to work around their obstructionist tactics when Bush/Rove made the practice common. What goes around comes around.

I see J. Paul Brown is throwing his hat in the ring while admitting he has no legislative agenda. Go figure. He didn’t accomplish anything his first term, either. He wants to concentrate on roads. Claims we spend too much on quality-of-life things like hiking/biking trails and not enough on bringing Texan motor homes here on big roads. Does he really think people will vacation here if we have nicer roads and fewer recreational opportunities? Dumb. He should stay down on the farm.

Ken Van Zee


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