Fair Deal must continue New Deal tradition

In my letter to the editor (Herald, Nov. 27), “American capitalism is failing U.S. majority,” I argued we must make our political leaders understand that the prevailing inequality of wealth and income in our nation is “intolerable and unsustainable.”

President Obama and Pope Francis have now each voiced their concerns about this issue. But, what can be done to force our other leaders to follow suit?

I suggest we, individually and collectively, flood the media – our newspapers, radio networks, the Internet and social media, as well as our churches and especially our streets and public squares – with a single message: That we the people demand a “Fair Deal” in governmental taxation policies, minimum wage policies, unemployment compensation, and the financial standing of women and racial minorities.

We follow the example of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in his New Deal for combating the social devastation of The Great Depression of the 1930s by regulating the economy to meet the needs of the people. But, since we do not have a Roosevelt at hand, we must initiate a bottom-up approach in demanding the changes required. We must become a unified voice for a “Fair Deal Revolution” – a collective “FDR” if you will – in fighting for economic welfare of all citizens.

We might even, one day, elect Fair Deal candidates to congressional seats – a liberal response to the Tea Party movement of the conservative wing.

James K. McNeley


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