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AT&T users get access to latest technology

By Vanessa Guthrie
Herald Staff Writer

If you think your smartphone suddenly is even smarter, you might be right. AT&T announced Wednesday that the latest generation of wireless network technology, 4G LTE, now is available throughout the Durango area.

Verizon Wireless Network, the Durango area’s other major wireless provider, made a similar announcement in mid-May, making Durango the 49th market in the Verizon network to receive 4G LTE service.

AT&T said in a news release Wednesday that the mobile Internet speed is up to 10 times faster than the former network, 3G.

AT&T “preannounced” the launch date in August. Scott Huscher, spokesman for AT&T corporate communications, said Wednesday that some customers may have been able to use 4G LTE before Wednesday.

“Enough of Durango is now connected to consider it an official launch,” he said.

AT&T said in the news release that it has invested nearly $90 million in its wireless and wired networks in Colorado in the first half of 2013.


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