Help FLC divest itself of fossil fuels

Having attended school at Fort Lewis College armed me with a powerful education and, more importantly, tied me to an environmentally aware community. The college’s mission states FLC prepares students for the common good in an increasingly complex world. Now, a semester deep in a doctoral program, I must say this statement is wholly true. I am also proud of the steps my alma mater has taken to be part of the “green” and sustainable movement. With an ongoing effort to build energy efficient and LEEDs certified buildings, it is clear that the common interest of FLC resides in environmentally conscious decisions. At the same time, a current campaign at the college – Divest Fort Lewis College from Fossil Fuels – advocates that it’s time for it to green its portfolio as well.

I am writing to express my full support of this campaign and its intentions. We are well aware the combustion of fossil fuels result in carbon dioxide emissions, and this contributes to rising global temperatures. Rapid changes in climate, in part due to the burning of fossil fuels, pose many threats to ecosystems; yet, the true threat is the grave danger these actions pose for the future of humans. If FLC decides to divest from fossil fuels, the institution would be a leading example as a steward and caretaker for its own future, as well as the future of the outstanding beauty surrounding Durango.

In doing so, FLC would be making itself a clear leader in the environmental movement by taking action based on information being presented from the scientific community. To continue investing in fossil fuels, Fort Lewis would be demonstrating ignorance to the scientific evidence and clear consequences of climate change.

I would feel honored to know my alma mater has taken affirmative action, which ensures a better environment and future for human society. I encourage the FLC and Durango communities to support and advocate for the Divest Fort Lewis College from Fossil Fuels campaign.

Michael Remke,

Northern Arizona University

Flagstaff, Ariz.

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