Board did right thing in choosing Spradling

Congratulations to the current members of the District 9-R school board, for selecting Greg Spradling to serve as a member of the board from District A. He will be a great addition to the school board, and it is a tribute to the members of the current board that they chose to look at the person, his background and the great wisdom and expertise that he can offer, instead of listening to nasty gossip and hurtful comments.

It amazes me that there are some people in Durango who are so quick to judge others, to spread rumors and negativity, when they don’t even know the facts or the circumstances around the issue. Greg ran for election to the board in 2011, and he once again put himself in the spotlight by submitting his application for the board vacancy. He is interested, wants to volunteer his time to help the students in Durango, and he continues to remain professional – even though his integrity has been attacked.

Quit judging him and let him do the job he was appointed to do. We have a great school board, and if given the chance, Greg will do an admirable job and the district will benefit from his service.

Kristy Rodri, former school board member


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