Proud, grateful to be counted as Durangoan

I grew up and currently live on the “Dryside,” just north of Redmesa. When asked where I’m from, most people (especially nonlocals) don’t know the “Dryside,” so I would say Durango, Colo. But in reality, I could have cared less for Durango – it wasn’t my community.

Durango had long forgotten my family’s traditional cattle ranching; it no longer bought vegetables from us “lowly farmers.” I had just considered it a spot on the map.

But this fall, everything changed. We welcomed some children into our home to help and support. My boyfriend and I did this knowing full well we didn’t have much to offer other than love. And this is where Durango steps in.

If it wasn’t for Durango’s Riverview Elementary, my child would have known hardship and loneliness in school.

Cherish: I just want to say thank you so much for your support, and thank God you were there when I walked through your doors.

Shop with a Cop: You have blessed our family in more ways than one. And you couldn’t have done it without the community of Durango stepping in and donating.

So, with a light and merry heart, I want to say to the community of Durango: Thank you for all your donations and acts of care. I am proud to be one of you Durangoans! I know who my community is now! Merry Christmas!

Amanda Schmitt


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