New year will see property tax changes

The end of any year is a busy period for the Assessor’s office, as we move to apply the mill levies that have changed within the last two months by election, taxing entity board decisions and the creation of a new districts.

I’ll recap the tax district changes for the year:

There were the Animas, Hermosa and city of Durango elections, which consolidated two fire districts into one, incorporating a city of Durango funding mechanism.

The Upper Pine River Fire District mill levy increased for fire and emergency services.

The Pine River Cemetery District mill levy increased for administration, operation and maintenance.

The creation of the La Plata County Palo Verde Public Improvement District will affect those properties in that new district.

These changes, along with our reappraisal from the 2010 to the 2012 level of value and the value changes for oil and gas, make for some interesting tax base dynamics. These changes will affect taxpayers differently based on the property location and the entities who service their property. Some will go up and other downs. Overall, local property tax collections will be down $8,744,585.

The Assessor’s office makes information and estimates of taxes available online at:, under Eagleweb, where you can use the Public User Login. The Assessor’s office is happy to answer questions about valuation at any time – 382-6221.

Craig N. Larson, La Plata County Assessor


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