Forget Obamacare; emulate Britain, Canada

Obamacare is not affordable for the individual. Nor is it affordable for the taxpayer with subsidies to supplement costs of policies added to the burgeoning federal deficits. Plus, there is the hassle of “shopping” for a so-called affordable policy, costing way more than last year’s non-Obamacare options. And for anyone on Medicare, in addition to $114.90 charged now monthly, it is necessary to find a supplement at a minimal cost of more than $100 a month to be assured of being able to pay for medical expenses without going into bankruptcy or dying for lack of treatment.

And many are losing their existing policies and their choice of doctors. Some say we had to do something to defend Obamacare, but, in this case, something is worse than nothing.

It isn’t as if there aren’t better models. Talk to anyone from the British Isles, other European countries and especially Scotland, where their cost plans assure no such hassles, distinctions, discrimination, subsidies.

In Canada, an individual pays $64 a month for government health care; the maximum a family pays $108. My Canadian cousin’s daughter in the U.S. has a bill of $10,000-plus for ER treatment, and that bill will ruin her. In Australia, retirees can’t be charged anything from any medical professional, and any prescribed medication costs $5.

What’s wrong with this picture? What’s wrong with this country that we are being forced into such an unreasonable, unsatisfactory insurance system?

Anne Reynolds


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