Skip gas and head straight to solar power

A natural gas boom through 2040? (Herald, Dec. 18.) My first thought is for Mesa Verde and for the other beautiful places in Colorado that will suffer unimaginably from 26 more years of unimpeded fracking.

My next thought is for anyone who’s ever been swimming in the Colorado River, which recently showed evidence of hormone-disrupting chemicals linked to fracking.

For a happier new year, as Katie Waller wrote last week (Letters, Herald, Dec. 17), we should be focusing on homegrown solar power. It’s local, clean and never runs out. When it comes to getting off coal, let’s skip over natural gas and go straight to clean energy, as she advocates; La Plata County has a plan and plenty of sunshine to do it.

The rest of Colorado should follow suit and take steps toward a million solar roofs by 2030. If the governor sets this goal, not only La Plata County but the rest of Colorado can usher in a new year and a new era of clean energy.

For our health and our environment, it’s a step we need to take. What better New Year’s resolution could there be?

Margaret McCall


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