Christmas magic has been replaced by greed

What happened to Christmas magic? The holiday spirit has been hijacked by big businesses, and we’ve sat and allowed it to happen. What happened to teaching our children humility?

We’ve become a society that believes success is blatantly flaunting our money, even to our children. What does that teach kids about Christmas? It teaches them that it isn’t Christmas without a huge list that parents had better buy if we want a “happy” child. In other words, it teaches our children that Christmas is all about greed.

Just because one has the ability to lavish your child with every present imaginable, doesn’t mean you should. Is it more meaningful for two or three truly desired presents or 27 presents that are quickly looked at then discarded?

As we drove around town this year, we noticed a large reduction in decorations and it left me wondering what happened. The Christmas spirit seemed to be missing. It wasn’t just this town, but others too. Many people didn’t put lights on their houses, didn’t decorate the lawn, and many didn’t even put up a tree. Whether it was from a lack of funding or a lack of desire, I don’t know.

My own house felt the stress and lack of magic. We had no tree. Presents were unwrapped. I do feel blessed, though, that my children asked for simple gifts – colored pencils, a bag of jerky, a pair of dress flats, new wheels for the skateboard.

I felt the pressure of providing the picture-perfect Christmas. I realized that was a pressure I put on myself. I wanted the “Magical Christmas” of my children’s youth. I overlooked that the magic was my family being together, laughing and playing games. I overlooked that the Christmas holiday has nothing to do with money and what I can or can’t buy for them. My family and friends mean more than any gift bought!

Now I’m going to go spend a magical day with my family. Perhaps we’ll bake a cake.

Diana Miller