Parking frenzy rested solely on merchants

I was in Durango during the free parking period and was amazed the merchants allowed their employees to use up all of the available space. I admit this was an educated guess since all parking on Main and Second avenues was full while a normally full Third Avenue was empty of parked cars. Alan Cuenca of Put-a-Cork-in-It got it right: “Idealistically, it was a good idea, but ultimately what has happened is all the employees that work downtown are taking full advantage of the free parking...” (Herald, Dec. 23).

It’s too bad the other downtown merchants don’t understand retail means people come into your place of business to purchase items that you have invested in. The frantic frenzy for parking was created by the merchants who did not instruct their employees to park elsewhere to allow customers – a necessary requirement to retail – to park for free. The city of Durango was trying to give the merchants a boost. Too bad merchants did not understand. I drove around downtown looking for a spot and finally left. I’ll complete my shopping elsewhere.

Brian Sobetzer


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