Honesty, integrity saved grandmother’s gems

While Christmas shopping, I lost a necklace that had apparently fallen out of my purse as I was making a purchase somewhere. I retraced my steps, made many phone calls to various merchants and left my number just in case in turned up.

I had resigned myself to never seeing it again, which was very sad for me because it contained tiny diamonds from my grandmother’s wedding ring.

Several days later, I received a phone call from Mike Vermette at Star Liquors. His wife Tamara had found the necklace while doing some dusting. It apparently had slipped from my wallet into a display at the checkout counter. The problem was that he had written my number on a Post-it note that had ended up in the recycling bin outside. I was told he went outside and dug around the bin until he found the small slip of paper. I couldn’t believe my luck!

I just want to publicly thank Tamara for finding the necklace and reporting it, and Mike, for Dumpster diving to locate my phone number. Honesty and integrity are alive and well in Durango!

Pam Jacobs


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