Banning guns on campuses would add risk

In response to the story (Herald, Jan. 3) on the campaign against having concealed weapons on college campuses, it does not make logical sense. If concealed guns are not allowed on campus, then individuals bent on shooting up the place will have very little resistance.

The story quoted a supporter of the ban as saying that, “Guns on campus create an intimidating climate and puts the safety of students, teachers and staff at risk.”

That also makes no sense. If students or staff members who have a concealed-weapons permit and have their weapons concealed, then nobody knows who has and who does not have a weapon with them. That alone may have an impact on an individual’s decision as to whether or not to carry out a shooting if they think someone in the classroom may shoot back.

I also think that any individual should have the choice to be able to defend themselves or others. Who really wants to be trapped in a classroom by some crazy person who is taking their time picking off students at their leisure?

Chris Christensen


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