When cream is not cream: Read food labels

Who knew? One would think that a carton of something called “whipping cream” would be just that, right? Well, sadly, no. It isn’t anymore.

Now, when you buy a carton of whipping cream, you must read the label carefully because there are several additives being added to the cream, including skim milk. Well, that’s not whipping cream at all then, is it?

It’s quite deceitful, actually. I found this out when I tried to whip some cream, and it took an unusually long time for the cream to even start to think about thickening up. My husband asked me if I’d used organic cream, and when I said no, he then showed me on the label all the additives that were in the cream I bought.

So the reason I am writing so much about cream is that it’s a general warning to everyone to read food labels, even when you don’t see any reason why you would need to. Because you never know what they will do to our food next.

Cynthia Trautmann


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