Mourning the loss of once-great Colorado

Many years ago, I was a La Plata County resident. My wife and I raised our four children there – all born at Mercy Regional Medical Center. I was a La Plata County deputy sheriff. I worked there – from county lines to county lines to the New Mexico state line. I hunted, explored and travelled all over, not only La Plata County, but over many areas of the state. I had, and still have, many friends and relatives who reside in various locations around the state.

Back then, Colorado could have shared Montana’s signature saying of being “the last best place.” No more. Now, the Denver and other metro-area, left-wing liberals have fouled your once great state. You’ve allowed these puppets of the current Washington, D.C., regime to completely invalidate your rights as Coloradans.

Constitutional rights now mean nothing in Colorado as the Second Amendment is being trampled on. The laws of nature mean nothing there, as Colorado becomes a stronghold of, and “destination resort” point, for homosexuals. Recent liberal-led legislation has made Colorado the trendy, recreational “drug store” of the Rocky Mountains.

Speaking to all you true American Coloradans there in La Plata County, now interred in the province of Coloradostan: I am truly sorry for the loss of your once great state.

Phillip Tillman

Missoula, Mont.

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