Governor is three kinds of wrong about pot

There are three curious aspects to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s gratuitous declaration of intent “to regulate the living daylight out of” marijuana.

The first is procedural: Colorado law has vested such regulatory powers in local governments.

The second is moral: Prior to his soon-to-be-over foray into politics, Hickenlooper made his living peddling an addictive, dangerous substance to the unwary. Recent statistics indicate 90 percent of all alcohol sold is purchased by 10 percent of the population. In plain language, he profited from pushing a dangerous substance to helpless addicts.

The third point is political: Hickenlooper is running for re-election. Gun-crazed Republicans are determined to vote him out for signing onto – as I recall, reluctantly – some mild, pragmatic gun regulations. Now, he goes around vowing to “regulate the living daylight” out of a nonaddictive substance that his own constituency, Democrats and independents alike, overwhelmingly voted into law.

Unless he recants this inanity soon and in public, Hickenlooper had better start looking for a less demanding job. If you hate the experiment, Señor Guv, stay out of the lab.

Tom Givón


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