Call now to opt out of ‘Smart Meters’

Without notification to La Plata County homeowners, La Plata Electric Association conducted a covert (i.e., secret) operation over the past two years, changing a thousand analog electrical meters to the controversial Smart Meters – also referred to as AMIs (Automated Metering Infrastructure devices.) Recently, LPEA hired unknown numbers of electrical-meter installers to change out the untouched meters – again without direct notification to the occupants.

These new meters, their required infrastructure and change-out costs are responsible for the ever-increasing base charges and electrical usage fees.

A group of concerned citizens researched Smart Meters and discovered severe health, safety and privacy issues. This group was successful in convincing LPEA to offer an opt-out choice for those who do not want the dangerous meter.

Opting out may not provide total protection if your neighbors allow a Smart Meter since their airborne meter microwave radiation cannot be controlled once it is released. Opting out will diminish the most harmful effects from invading the interior of your home.

Check your meter. Under the glass globe, a small opening will reveal digital numbers. All the gauges are gone. If this is the case, call LPEA for immediate removal in addition to returning and replacing your safe analog meter. Then go to LPEA’s office and sign the opt-out form. If your original analog meter is still in place, quickly go to LPEA and sign up to opt out before the meter installers can get to you.

Here are a few more reasons to refuse the new meter:

“Pulsed” radio-frequency microwave radiation allows two-way wireless communications that can expose all your privacy concerns by utilizing metered surveillance.

In 2011, the World Health Organization classified high “pulsed” radio frequency emissions from AMI/Smart Meters as a possible Group 2B Carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) – the same as DDT.

Also in 2011, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine requested suspension of Smart Meter installations.

The wiring in older homes is not compatible with Smart Meter systems, causing many fires.

Many physical problems have already been reported in our county. Smart Meters should be abolished. Do your own research. Start with

Judith North


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