Man’s letter contains bigotry, intolerance

I sent a copy of Phillip Tillman’s letter (“Mourning the loss of once-great Colorado,” Herald, Jan. 14) to the Missoulian, in Missoula, Mont., with the following:

“I would like to thank Mr. Tillman for reminding us that bigotry, intolerance and just plain ignorance is alive and well in this country. He writes that he was once a resident of La Plata, my county, where my partner and I have lived for six years. Since then, we have found the folks in Durango to be almost unreservedly friendly to us and one another and we all delight living in the Four Corners area (except for the high cost of living). Mr. Tillman says that we are ‘now interred in the province of Coloradostan.’ Unfortunately for him, his current home has, in recent times, acquired a more liberal voting record as demonstrated by the Republican dominated Legislature’s unsuccessful attempt to revoke an anti-discrimination ordinance that included the LGBT community. This must be quite unsettling to Mr. Tillman and perhaps he also will mourn the fouling and loss of the once great Montana. He could then move to Mr. Putin’s Russia where he would surely be welcomed.”

Lawrence Tweedy


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