Dialing, texting both risky behind the wheel

The headlines for the Health & Fitness section (Herald, Jan. 6) driving-safety article seem dangerously misleading. The main point taken was that dialing and texting will definitely raise your risk of a car crash. Yes. However the sub-headline, “Talking on phone not a hazard though,” is just plain wrong. It is even contradicted by the photo caption, which says “Dialing or reaching for a cellphone increases the risk of a crash or near miss among young drivers by seven times.” (And what about mature drivers?)

Never mind the studies; just give honest attention to your own experience and to observing other drivers. I maintain that some large percentage of our focus and mental capacity goes “inside the phone” and renders us less attentive to traffic and pedestrians. We are, then, distracted drivers.

Kudos to whoever posted the lighted sign at the south entrance to County Road 250, that says “Texting. Stop Accidents.” I appreciate that very much and would like to see more such signs.

Caye Geer


Editor’s note: The sign’s warning against driving and texting are a collaborative effort between the Ad Council, the office of the States Attorneys General and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in conjunction with U.S. Department of Transportation and local government. In this area, the signs are set up, relocated and maintained by the La Plata Count Department of Public Works.

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