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LPEA looking to return money

By Dale Rodebaugh Herald staff writer

As it does annually, La Plata Electric Association is looking for people due money because their account is inactive.

The reimbursement they’re due is the unused “margin,” the little extra LPEA charges to make sure it has money for emergencies or special needs, spokeswoman Indiana Reed said last week.

These Capital Credit accounts provide only a fraction of LPEA project funding, however.

Names of people due a refund will appear today as an insert in The Durango Herald. The insert appeared Friday in the Pine River Times and will come out Jan. 30 in The Pagosa Springs Sun.

It’s not a short list – 8,053 names – that accounts for about 20 percent of LPEA meters, Reed said. The cooperative has 31,000 members who own 40,000 meters, she said.

The content of the 10-page insert was posted on the LPEA website, www.lpea.coop, on Friday.

“It’s the largest newspaper insert we’ve had,” Reed said. “Up to now, it’s been eight pages.”

LPEA directors will decide in July how much to return to members of the cooperative, Reed said. People whose LPEA account is active will find a credit on their bill during the August billing cycle, she said.

People with an inactive account who are owed more than $100 receive a check, Reed said. Owners of inactive accounts should contact LPEA at (970) 247-5786 or at www.lpea.coop.

Inactive accounts belong to people who have moved or died and businesses that no longer exist, Reed said. Many are believed to be college students who graduate or leave for the summer, she said.

Unclaimed money is used for educational or charitable purposes, including scholarships, Reed said. Since 1939, LPEA refunds have totaled more than $35 million.


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