Trash companies should clean up ditches

With the absence of snow this year, the ditches along U.S. Highway 550 South are overflowing with trash. We have attempted to contact the Colorado Department of Transportation to adopt this stretch of highway and were informed that, because of the improvements to Highway 550 along the southern corridor, we are unable to adopt this section of highway.

My question is whether the trash-hauling companies or their employees will be picking up the trash their trucks spew on their way to the dump in Bondad? On my many trips to and from town, I follow these huge trucks and observe trash blowing out of the top of their inadequately sealed covers. If we could adopt the highway between the 12th and 14th mile markers, we would take care of this – however, I believe trash companies are responsible for all of the trash on U.S. Highway 550 South. They should be responsible and clean it up.

Mimi Thurston


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