Who gets money from city’s utility refunds?

The city of Durango’s utility-refund program excludes non-property owners from receiving the minimum $95 refund, yet everyone renting property pays for utilities. When I asked the city who gets my refund – because I rent – I was told that probably no one does because the owner of my building is above the income limits. So none of the four residents in my apartment building get anything, nor does the owner.

Who gets our money? And why don’t we? What is the purpose of this program if the money only goes to those lucky enough to own property in an already-overpriced town? Where does the money come from to pay this? The utility companies, to which we already pay our bills every month? From sales tax, which we all pay? If it’s only from property taxes, that may explain this exclusion.

If we use our imaginations and some creative calculating, I wonder how much in total is paid out in these refunds annually? In fact, I wonder why this program exists at all.

Kam Hartley


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