Criticism overlooked art show’s themes

In the Jan. 24 Herald, Judith Reynolds had a piece about the Durango Arts Center’s Four Corners Commission display and themes. She asserted that the artists did not follow the new and additional theme of journeys, etc. As usual, Reynolds’ piece is well-spoken, but not necessarily well-taken.

This annual exhibition is well-founded, and its original theme is very clear. To impose an additional theme on top of it was conflicting and confusing. It was a mistake to mix up themes.

In addition, the members’ show has had themes imposed on it. This is a very important show and should honor the members for what they contribute and not attempt to have them conform to a specific theme. The members are the most important part of DAC. Some media have difficulties displaying subjective themes. Four Corners and members are important and appropriate themes unto themselves, and they should not be subjected to arbitrary themes.

A couple of years ago, DAC had a juried show in which the theme was abstraction. That show was a success. Juried shows, where the purpose and the title coincide, should be encouraged in the future and would be less confusing for the artist and the juror.

Chet Anderson


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