America needs luck finding freedom, rights

Does it really matter, and am I really getting my point across to those with closed minds who may agree or even disagree? I am through with politics because it does not matter anymore. Principles and honor are no longer reflected in the common people, and those elected do not even care and are only in it for themselves.

I am a retired disabled veteran who has sacrificed more than what 99 percent of this country would ever think possible, or would even volunteer for, these days. I was never once looking for glory or fame, just believing that fighting for this country and defending her was the right and just thing to do. I mourn for her now because the once-elegant lady standing proud is now on her hands and knees, dress torn and being stoned by the very children she raised from the tyrants from the east. Her children have become the very tyrants she freed us from.

I am not a writer or a philosopher, and words do not come easily. I am not a Harvard graduate, Yale graduate, politician or Washington elitist who personally believes he is better than anyone else. Nope, just an Iowa farm boy, who served his country with honor, who put himself through a yokel college and who served in law enforcement only to see more corruption and those who believe they are above the law.

I am now sitting back and watching, waiting for the storm that is coming. I am wondering if the voice of reason and common sense will rise, praying for this great lady to rise to her feet and deliver us from the tyrants once again. Yes, I’m praying that morals, honor and the truth once again mean something.

I am just one person who is willing to stand up for what this nation was founded upon: freedom and the rights given to us by the Constitution – a minority these days because oftentimes, the freedom of speech is stifled by those who do not believe in it.

Good luck, lady (America), and God bless.

Christopher M. Jones


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