Private campground operators should lose

Dennis Pierce’s letter to the editor (Herald, Jan. 28) appears to be a very public interview in his quest to become the snark straight man for the national annoyance known as the conservative right. I think he wants to become the guy that sets up all those Fox News funsters for their joking around at the expense of the Kenyan Usurper.

Just for the record, I believe it was the Canadian Usurper, who now represents a bunch of Texans in the Senate, who actually drove the country and the Republican Party (such as it is) off the rails and, in so doing, barely escaped four-point restraints being placed upon his body by the bewildered likes of his own colleagues. Even House leader, John of Orange, was unamused by the entire stunt.

And the National Forest Recreation Association should have its suit thrown out like last week’s fish-head soup gone bad. If you’re running a coffee and donut concession at the library and the city and county shut the library for lack of funding, duh, you have to pound salt, as well. The U.S. Forest Service campgrounds in the national parks, funded by the USFS, which in turn is part of the government that the Canadian Usurper and his pals refused to fund (also called a shutdown) because of Obamacare and, you know, the Kenyan Usurper – yes, yes, kinda sorta like that coffee shop thingy.

Oh yeah, back when we were in the clutches of socialism, those campgrounds were run for citizens by Forest Service employees, and, were that the case today, those employees would have received back pay. If the corporate operators win their suit, the money will go to those companies and their lawyers, not to the campground employees.

“If you like your donuts, you can eat them. Period.”

Michael Lee


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